by Graft vs Host

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Graft vs Host's second EP, recorded and released after the end of the band. The songs came a long way from our first EP "Volcanoes", and showcase the more aggressive sound that was part of our live shows. The songs are about lots of things that white people in their mid 20s like to complain about.

We recorded this at our good friend and recording genius James Frazzetto's home studio in about 10 hours on 25/8/2012, about three weeks after playing our last ever show! We're pretty proud of how it sounds compared to our first EP and it does a reasonable job of conveying how we sounded live. We still really like these songs/this band/each other, but it had run its course and it was time to move on. We hope you like it!




released November 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Graft vs Host Melbourne, Australia

Graft vs Host were a 4 piece Punk band from Melbourne, Australia from 2009-2012. Their reverb drenched aggressive mid tempo Punk took influences from Surf, Country, Classic Rock & Roll and Hardcore. They were known for their energetic and erratic live shows and played many around Melbourne during their lifespan.

Sam Carracher - Bass
Christian Grossi - Guitar
Scott Reid - Vocals
Matt Rose - Drums
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Track Name: Uncomfortable Mess
What a mess we're in
Track Name: Race To The Bottom
She says “People are inconvenient, they get in my way when I am changing lanes and I can't seem to keep my temper. They grind me down to the bone, it feels like their neck and neck in a race to the bottom. If any of them amazed me at all, couldn't have been too impressive if it seems I've forgotten them. I don't think I have room in my heart for them. If we're supposed to own this place, I never felt I had a stake in it.” Such a contemplation put strain on her relations with them. She could only find the energy to come up with more enemies again. “It's hard to wait for someone else to pick up the pieces. They grind me down to the bone. Keep me from my happy home. I wish I had room in my heart for them.”
Track Name: Ship To Shore
Went to the well but it dried up,
you've offered us that empty cup
it's left us bloated, dehydrated,
a thirst that cannot be abated

Shoved down your feast and became fat
no leftovers for dog and cat
ate until you vomit then
served it up to eat again

You burnt that candle at both ends
expect a flame that never ends
Listened for the dying groans,
let culture vultures pick the bones

Still amazed you found the time
to study dentistry at night
leave us with, no teeth left to bite

still some fuel left to blaze a trail
or at least to try and fail
but please try resist temptation
To use it for self immolation

If this means mutiny
I think we'd rather drown at sea
Then hear another nautical metaphor

Aren’t you fucking bored
of every song being above board
And so easy to ignore!

…..........with hubris calling,
we should probably heed the warning
But we're so sick of bread that's stale,
The snake don't have to eat it's tail

But we're also out of ideas
except for hacking off our ears

This song's the same, we ain't tried
it's simple rhymes for simple minds

in four time!
Track Name: False Economies
An average prospect with boring predictable tropes
Track Name: Modern Dogs
These days give reasons that become quite clear
to explain away how days have ended up right here
making it easier to seek,
a way to make it through the week,
a way to bear it out and make it through another year

Call off the search party
I found my cabin in the woods I’ll stay
There's no company I seek, I don't want that any more


This town like a crooked pharmacist
tries to keep me from ever trying to make a fist
but I kicked the habit once I broke away from all the cunce
If it gets in my hands I'll hack 'em off at the wrist

Call off the intervention
I found my remedy in bloodied stumps
There's no assembly I seek, I don't want that any more

Track Name: Part VI: Hermeneutic
Islands in the sun
Track Name: Homefires
We'll never make it out of this house alive, we stuffed our walls with matches and tinder. Can't help but strike the same old flint, that starts HOMEFIRES and keeps us burning. The smoke is rising and pregnant with memories. Fueled by the embers of blackened mementos.
Track Name: Fat Families
You phoned it in
seems like no ones answering
You deserve this dial tone
Ain't exactly like you didn't know

this grim assessment
reflects your poor investment
bunch of bones in a bag,
You bet it on the rotting nag

You packed it in
moved your ass to Pakenham
Square footage on a piece of land
room for you and kids to expand

Got someone in to widen doors
steel to reinforce the floors
hermetically sealed yourselves in
got no need for oxygen

It's fight or flight
not about some settled life

Don't wanna be
Swallowed by Fat Families

Is not all that there is to me

Quit constantly
Burning my house the ground
Track Name: Scaffolds (or Black Building)
I don't want to see this Black Building as the wind tears it back down to it's frame. The Foreman has quit, the crew has gone home and I can't build it up again all on my own. Though they said it was an eyesore, not worth the strain of squinting eyes to look upon, I grew fond of that old bastard. It's strong construction kept me anchored to this town. If I can't rebuild it then I am up and gone. I'm useless now and that wind has yet to move on. I'll move as far as feet will take me. Across desert sand and rolling hills and vast prairie. Escape that wind that swallows whole, I'll be so far I won't notice it take you all at all. I'll grow a beard and get a dog, I need no tie, shoes or job. If any doubt that I should have stayed with everybody that's already swept away in my head should still remain, the open air will soon leach it out of my brain. Even though I made it out in time it gives me no pleasure to remind myself. But out here, it isn't lonely being alone. But I should could use some scaffolding, some tools, steel and concrete for pouring, because this is aught here to build with.
Track Name: Verdigris
Track Name: Narrow Misses
We're done!